yes we own a lot of guns so the fuck what

Let’s get a few things straight.

I do not consider “wordpress” to be my family. This is not some silly imaginary family/community for me.
I have a real family. I also have real friends.

This was supposed to a place for me to WRITE. I’m a WRITER.

No, for real.

I am not looking for “friends” and I do not play by anyone’s fucking rules but my own.

I am who I am. I am a person who WILL speak out about ABUSE and if someone is being predatory. I take on full responsibility when I do that because I put the stamp of my REAL NAME on it. I know what LIBEL is, I am well versed in dealing with abusers and what I can and can’t do with regards to information that is MINE.

I appreciate those who came here and supported me in outing Eric. It seems that he hurt a ton of people, and this place offered those people a platform to voice that.

For those of you who think that you are going to bully me like we are in high school. You have another thing coming. This is my fucking blog. My fucking space. My fucking rules within the scope of the motherfucking law. Get it? I am not here to beĀ  your fucking friend.

All comments on previous posts are now turned off. You want to have a conversation? Go have one. On YOUR blog.

Because I’m not wordpress savvy I don’t know how to turn off comments to this post. Just know that I won’t approve any of them.

I will come back when I feel like I want to WRITE again. Because that’s what I came here to do. And if someone else thinks it’s okay to fucking say sexual things to me when I’ve clearly asked them not to, I’ll fucking post that email too.
I’m NOT your friend. This is not my “wordpress gaggy fucking family”.

And if “wordpress” the company has a problem with that, then I’ll go back to self-hosting. Except, I think “wordpress”, the fucking company, is JUST FINE with what I choose to do here.

Have a good weekend. Try to live a life or something.

Get a fucking dog. Adopt a child.

Do something meaningful.

HAVE A FUCKING PURPOSE FOR BREATHING other than pretending like this is some fantasy world where we are all in school again, whispering behind each others backs and picking fights in the cafeteria.


MAKE A CHANGE. and stop calling yourself a hippie, for fuck’s sake. When you lie down in the middle of the street for a fucking CAUSE that you really believe in. THEN.


UNTIL THEN. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Because you’re giving my father, a True Hippie who fucking marched for social causes all over the country, a bad name.

(It may have turned him into a heroin addict, but still.)

***meow.**** glitter. ***

Regarding YOUR GOD: