bigstock-Tell-Them-Your-Story-25687757ASOCHA – (Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse) is looking for submissions of Essays, Op Eds, and Survivor Stories (from a first person perspective) for its launch before or by the end of Spring. We are also taking submissions for our Creative Showcase, which would include poetry, photography, collage, painting, drawing, or digital art. Please see below for a more in-depth description regarding what ASOCHA wishes to accomplish. If interested, please email with your submission which should include the type of submission in the subject line of the email, your submission as an attachment, and a bio. We are looking for submissions from both adult survivors of childhood abuse and those who are empathetic to our cause. Please keep all writing submissions below 3,500 words. All “creative showcase” submissions to no more than three pieces. For our creative showcase, we are looking for art that speaks to child victimization and/or healing; or inspired by such events. We will also respect the wishes of those who wish to publish under a pseudonym. Please allow us one month to respond to your submissions. Currently, the website is still in its raw form and under construction. Here is a better explanation of our goals for ASOCHA:

With the hopes of educating the public on what childhood abuse looks like from a first person perspective and how the current culture views victims of abuse as told through the eyes of victims and survivors, they (the founders) created a one-of-a-kind platform. To their shock and surprise, the domain “Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse” (.com & .org) was there for the taking. It sadly became apparent that no other organization existed for once victims of childhood abuse to speak out, which is both empowering and healing as it offers acknowledgement and validation – two necessities well known to the psychiatric community as instruments in healing for those who were once victimized.

Along with empowering adult survivors by offering a platform to speak openly about crimes committed against them as children, ASOCHA believes art therapy to be an important healing tool. Because of this, the website also provides its community a space to showcase creative endeavors that speak to child victimization and healing.

While ASOCHA‘s main focus is to provide a public space for adult survivors of childhood abuse, the organization also welcomes Essays, Op Eds, and Personal Narratives from those who have not been victimized but are empathetic to the cause and support survivors in their plight to receive justice by way of reformation and/or abolishment of the Statute of Limitation Laws placed on crimes committed against children. ASOCHA also welcomes discourse regarding what is typically labeled “rape culture”. ASOCHA hopes to educate and inform the public on how a rape culture fosters apologetic views that further revictimizes a survivor and minimizes crimes.

ASOCHA will address a range of topics such as (but not limited to) childhood sexual abuse (of all forms), childhood physical abuse, childhood emotional abuse, childhood homelessness due to running away from an abusive household, psychotherapy, disorders developed in adulthood as a direct result of childhood trauma, familial ties, behavioral issues, revictimization, cycle of abuse, cultural views, and our justice system. The organization hopes to help survivors heal and in doing so, educate the public. The majority of ASOCHA‘s community will be the “unheard” and “unreported”; the statistics are incorrect because fear drives children to never report their abuses or their abusers. ASOCHA was created to finally offer those children, who are now adults, a chance to tell their stories.