Organization for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse – looking for volunteers & contributing writers


Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse is an organization that I, along with a partner, are currently working on launching in the very near future. However, we need volunteers to do some research. The research we need done is not difficult, it is laborious. The research does not require one to be a survivor of childhood abuse. I will offer details to those who contact me privately. The volunteer work would mean a great deal to a very important cause. Currently, the website is under construction and we are in the process of filing our 501 (c)(3) status. We are also looking for Contributing Writers – again, one does not need to be a survivor of childhood abuse, just interested in the cause and have writing experience. If you are interested, please send an email to: (this is a temporary email address until we’ve set up our Microsoft 365 accounts). While we can not offer payment at this time, all volunteers will be acknowledged properly on the website and there may be a set of beautiful handmade coasters from Touching Carta in your future.

Mission Statement:

ASOCHA is dedicated to being both an educational and community resource regarding adult survivors of childhood abuse – crimes committed by parents, family members, caretakers, and others against children. We are devoted to offering a guarded platform to adults who have suffered childhood abuse so they can share their stories publicly; and to others in the community who wish to speak openly regarding this cultural epidemic.

ASOCHA aims to bring adult survivors of childhood abuse together and grant them a safe and supportive platform to speak out, build communities, advocate for legislative change, offer various resources, and most importantly heal.

At ASOCHA, our community will have a voice. We wish to empower healing through acknowledgment and validation by shaping strong alliances, speaking out, encouraging and promoting creative expression, and supporting judicial reform. ASOCHA wishes to address specific issues that fall directly beneath the rape culture umbrella via Op Eds, Survivor Stories, and Art presented on the organization’s website. We strongly believe that while adult survivors of childhood abuse were groomed in silence to stay silent, it’s now their turn to talk openly.