More Hate Mail. Gosh, I hope your children never have to go through something like this.


Real nice.

You know, I would respect you more if you had the balls to actually put your name on something. What are you afraid of, exactly? It’s only me at this point. There is no mob and only a few people remain  by my side. They all fled for fear of having “taken sides” or afraid that someone might “unfriend” them. Better yet, most are afraid that their precious blog would take some sort of hit. So, there is no “us vs. them” and there certainly isn’t a “mob” (well, aside from the one of which you’re a part). It’s only me now. I still stand by my convictions and by my truths. My convictions actually make a change in our world. They are not pretty. They make people uncomfortable. But you know what reminds me that I’ve done a good thing? The fact that I have so many emails in my inbox from people who were also preyed upon by Eric, sexually, and are terrified to speak up. Those women feel validated and they don’t feel alone, anymore.  So, if I must be their voice too – then I’ll do that. My speaking out against bullies and men who prey upon women is a far cry away from policing the internet because people make jokes about their wedding pictures and bearded hipsters – your inability to see the difference in those social causes speaks to your own limited mental capacity.  If it makes you feel good to verbally lash a woman who has PTSD and chronic depression from childhood sexual abuse and came to this blog world to help write her way through recovery, then I think you’re a psychopath. You are someone who doesn’t have the ability to empathize and you have a major axe to grind except you don’t actually own an axe because you’re too scared to sharpen it. There’s a difference between ignorance and plain ol vitriol. You, Anonymous Remailer, are so angry and jealous that I took something away from you. My strength had the power to do that. Do you have any strength?

Enjoy your misery.