You’re Caught.

You're fucking caughtDear Your Ego Is Huge,

You left two anonymous messages on my blog when I originally posted about Eric aka Le Clown. Your IP address is the same in both of those anonymous comments (which I did not allow to show up on the thread because they are extremely hurtful and because you took the coward’s way out by trying to post anonymously.) I’m not going to post the second message you left. But I guarantee that THIS IP address and the IP address that we uncover (the one you used to send out numerous hate mails to me) when we contact the “Free email provider”  will show that this is the same person.

Gig is up, DEARY.





  1. Also, don’t be discouraged. Anybody revealing anything especially the Le Clown incident is going to be targeted and to be honest I was creeped out by some of his messages to you because they were really uncalled for (the cigarette one still makes me cringe a bit). And yes you took responsibility for your own actions too a lot of people don’t do that. What got to me is that people were not understanding that Le Clown is a sort of guy that seems to do weird things with abused histories of people. What also got to me is the way he somewhat attacked that girl for a beard comment. Granted I just thought it was funny but to me pointless because I am not into gendered stuff like that but vilifying her was horrendous she hadn’t slandered anyone specifically just a post.

    I know by doing this you are shouting out to haters that they shouldn’t think any behaviour is appropriate and I respect that. If someone disagrees with you I think they should have the courage to just say it. But just be prepared because in any line of work even writing stories there will be anonymous haters and I know it’s tough especially after all you went through so you gotta have to chose your battles with zeal and careful selection. Filter and fight. That’s what I say. There will be the stalkers and then the silly trolls. See em coming and get ready.

    Aside this tracking this person what else is up? Writing any poetry? Any novellas? 😀 Interested to know.

    1. I’m not doing anything unfortunately. It’s kind of hard for me (as a person) to not let the hate mail affect me. I’m not made of stone. Hubby set up a filter so that the mail from THAT specific email server will now not show up in my mail. I’ve done everything possible to filter out anonymous comments to my blog, but this person has found ways to get around that, as well. Yes, I’m sure it’s very easy for those not on the receiving end to say…just move what you want to do. And believe me, I want NOTHING MORE. But, I’m actually a fragile person. I’m a human being with PTSD and this type of stuff really hurts. So, I’m trying my best. If someone were doing this to my daughter, let’s say – I’d react in the same way. I think we’ve seen lately how cyber-bullying can lead to tragic endings. So, I don’t think this is right in any shape or form. And I believe people should be held accountable for their actions. Obviously, they know they are doing something wrong or else they wouldn’t hide who they are and go to such great lengths at masking themselves.

      1. And I have to be honest – I’ve never in my life received hate mail before. I have 2500 people on my personal facebook account because I’m a poet and network with a lot of writers. I talk about heated subjects on my facebook account. Never ONCE have I received “hate mail” So this seems to be limited to this place, here. At least, for me it is. When I outed my mother – it went viral overnight. I received not ONE piece of hate mail. Not a single piece. My email address was ON the outing. I’m sorry – this is about certain people who are very mad that I exposed a man who they looked up to.

  2. Rae, I’m going to post my own story tomorrow. It’s taken me a whole week just to work myself up to it. I was surprised at how hard it was to write. I don’t think of myself as any kind of a victim either. I’m a fighter, as Christina Aguilera put it. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that, confusing and frightening as your situation is for me, I hope things get worked out okay.

    1. Thanks, Cimmy. I’m thinking about just changing my email address altogether at this point. I really don’t want to, but at this point, I would really like to just move on. I wish people would leave me alone.

    1. Yes, they do. I hear people talking about cyber bullying and how against it they are. If one’s kids were experiencing this, it would not be taken lightly AT ALL. This is not funny. I’m a human being.

  3. Uh, why are you chasing her down if she has left only two anonymous messages is she the stalker who is stalking you via different ways? Because when you mentioned you had a stalker I thought she spammed you a lot and made mean comments all the time like with your poems; is she the same person or another hater.

    Anyways, is she assaulting others is that why you put her IP up?

    1. No, it’s not just two messages. It’s also hate mail directly into my INBOX via an anonymous email server. I have no idea who she is assaulting. I’m sure it’s just me…that doesn’t make it right. Also, I put up her IP address because, well, I can. I mean, it’s public knowledge.

  4. Well done Cal, this is a powerful display of courage and will likely be a reference point for many who may have to endure the barbs of unjust loyalties down the track. You are a true warrior and I salute you. REDdog

    1. Thanks Red. Hey, I figure if I survived the iron fist of my mother, I can pretty much survive anything. It’s a miracle I’m still alive and honestly – there’s a reason why. It’s funny that this person thinks that I think of myself as a some pity party victim. I don’t know, I think I’m the opposite. But I guess we can have skewed views as to who we think we are. I don’t cry about what’s happened to me. I try to fight back against it.

      1. Cal, don’t ever buy into any of that bullshit you’ve survived, you are a fucking heroine and should be the poster girl for what true emancipation from oppression looks like. On a more personal note, sorry I haven’t been around much lately, been on the road. For what it’s worth, I’m proud of you. Respect Rd

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