Response from the Husband

“It is apparent that you did not pass Stalker 101.  If you are going to send my wife threatening hate mail, at least do it from an anonymizing SMTP provider WITH a privacy policy.  Even better yet, try one that is not in the US.  Any two bit lawyer will have your IP address turned over in less than 48 hours.  Look forward to a letter from our lawyer in the very near future.  Unregistered guns??…this isn’t ‘Boyz n the hood’ “. – Huband

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  1. I don’t know the first thing about computers, but I’m sure glad your hubby does! Sounds like you married an amazing man; I’m so glad you have someone to fight through this with you. Stay safe, stay strong. The crazies never win in the end.

  2. People don’t understand that there really is no anonymity on the internet. You can create profiles with fake names all you want, but there is a way to track almost everything. Whoever is sending you this shit is a fucking moron, first of all, and needs to get a damn life. It’s amazing to me how hate flows to the victim so often instead of the perpetrator. What a sad, fucked up world we live in.

    If there’s anything I can do in regards to this (which I doubt, but I’m offering anyway) let me know. Stay strong. You did the right thing.

    1. Thanks, Scott. I truly appreciate you reaching out to me. I admit, I’m strong to a certain extent, but this has caused me a lot of extreme depression and sadness.

      Good news though. We have more information. Valuable information. I just posted it. This person is DONE.

  3. you are not alone and don’t deal with this “by yourself”…people care and we are an ear shot away 🙂

  4. Put in a formal complaint with the police – cyber bullying and harassment are both against the law whether you’re in the States or Canada. Hang in there

    1. Thanks, sunshine. I don’t want to jump the gun, just yet. Hubby is going to call an attorney today and if he says that we should call the police, then I definitely will. I want the guidance of an attorney, first. It makes me feel a little more protected. And thank you for the continued support. It really does mean a lot to me. This has been a very lonely time, as I try and deal with this all by myself.

    1. Thanks, Paul. I appreciate that there are still some people out there who care about my well being. I’ve tried to move on, but it’s difficult when these messages keep showing up. I think husband is calling an attorney today and at least get the process moving on having those IP addresses released.

  5. This whole chapter in your life is so difficult. You are still strong, hang in there and take care. Being pro active is sometimes the only way and is perhaps more healing than just sitting reading and deleting. Best of luck.

    1. I find it extremely inhumane that someone is continuing to send me this type of mail. Because, apparently, the abuse I’ve endured so far in my life just isn’t enough.

      1. No doubt… it’s not something that’s appropriate or right for anyone, and yes, I can understand it’s especially hard on you right now.

        I hope you at least figure out who it is. Wimpy cowardice on the Internet is so… lame doesn’t begin to describe it, and I’ve been around the block a few times to see it.

        1. Well, this is all new to me. When I had a blog prior to this, it was simply a way for the poetry world to network so we never left the confines of that “blogroll”. I don’t think any of us actually knew this kind of world existed. At least, I didn’t.

          I think it’s really sad that I’m left here, essentially alone to deal with the fall out despite so many other people receiving a platform on my blog. I guess it was good to reap the benefits, but now I get to be the brunt of all the hate from Eric’s mob. And I have tried several times to just move on from this. But when emails keep showing up in my inbox, it makes it extremely hard. It seems that it’s okay to have this very open “blog world” but when things get yucky, it should be dealt with in private?

          And why am I being punished, again? Because I’m having a hard time figuring that one out. I guess the amount of abuse I’ve endured in my life already just isn’t enough. Let’s pile it on the girl who has PTSD and chronic depression! What kind of humanity is this?

  6. Well… My partner was an actor in the Royal Shakespeare Company- so we’ve had an incident or two. In our experience the best method is:
    1. Make your stance clear (no uncertain terms) – it seems you’ve done that.
    2. DISENGAGE. Block, block and block again. Don’t have arguments, don’t answer calls etc.
    3. If the situation persists, seek professional assistance.

    Don’t play around with these things. Some people are just a bit quirky, but others can be seriously disturbed.

    1. Hey Pinkagendist – thanks. We are definitely going to hire an attorney, at this point. I’ve received several of these emails from the same place so it won’t be hard to get the IP address. While I’m at it, I may as well see what I can do about Eric. Initially, I wasn’t going to go to the “law”, but it seems that he and his mob are bent on harassing a woman who openly wrote an article for him about being sexually abused as a child and now dealing with PTSD. I can’t imagine anyone looking at that situation lightly. But I’ll get the full scoop once we talk to our attorney. As for blocking, you can’t really block these types of email services but you can “filter” it so that it doesn’t show up in my inbox, which is what hubby just set up for me. It’s a real shame that the woman doing this doesn’t think that she will be caught and that this is not serious. People have killed themselves because of being cyber-bullied. And anyone who thinks this is okay, needs their head examined, not me. So it’s all pretty ironic that I’d be labeled as the “Crazy” person here. (they should also learn proper grammar – unstableness??- My friend and I had a good laugh at that one.)

      1. Darling, we once had a woman who was convinced every time she saw Mike in a movie, he was sending her secret messages. She went as far as to travel from NY to London to meet him there at a hotel based on one of these ‘secret messages’. She sent him messages saying he was just pretending to be gay…
        I guess what I mean is, don’t think everyone out there knows what they’re doing. Some are seriously unhinged. Their lives may be totally on their computers or in their imaginations. And sometimes those people can be dangerous.

        1. oh my! Don’t worry, I haven’t removed the possibility that this person needs committed to a psych ward. (my stays were always because I checked MYSELF in, due to depression not because I had delusions). I know what the cray cray looks like, unfortunately, it’s always hard to tell over a computer screen – like you said. I appreciate your humanity. It would be nice to see more of that.

    1. Hubby isn’t the IT executive at his company for nothing. This means TWO things: we WILL find out where this shit is coming from AND we have the money to hire an attorney who will make sure it happens.

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