I answer Hate Mail openly on my blog while….

….husband works on finding out who’s sending it.


Dear Free Email Service – Do Not Reply:

Thanks for your concern! You’ll be delighted to know that all the guns in my house are fully registered in my husband’s name and kept locked in a safe, of which I do not have access. We live in a small town in North Carolina. They LOVE guns here! We also happen to know some of our local police force, so they are more than welcome into our lovely, upper-class suburban home. Oh yeah, and husband also has his conceal to carry permit, as well. You know, just in case. Thanks for sending more mail, anonymously, that takes a lot of courage. You’re a very, very brave woman or man. I hope you’re not doing this because I took down a predator in your blogging world. I mean, if blogging means that much to you, you might want to reevaluate who you’re calling “unstable”. I’ll be sure to file this under “shit I got for outing Eric Robillard because he made unwanted sexual advances toward me while also bullying half of WordPress”. The courts will no doubt look fondly upon these types of shenanigans. (or, did I hit a nerve with you today because I found out that you’re now not just sending hate mail, but stalking me?)  Till next time….




    1. hahahaha!!!

      also “unstableness” – looks like someone needs to sit in class with my 7th grader. Although 7th grade Honors English might be a stretch for this person.

  1. People of this variety thrive on attention. From what I’ve read, enough of your time has been ‘stolen’ by people who had no right to it. Don’t indulge them, don’t let them take anything more from you! Not 3 minutes of your day 😉

    1. I’m hangin in, Jackie – thanks. I think the only way to really prove that people are very sick in this blog land is to just SHOW you guys what Eric’s “mob” is capable of. I’ll keep posting the hate mail. I have more in my inbox. I do think it’s quite funny, however, that certain people keep crying about hate mail sent their way. Yet no one has actually SEEN it. It’s all a big rouse. This is all a big game to people, but they are going to be really sad when I sue them for every small red penny they have.

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